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Potty training is an exciting time in both parent(s) and child(s) developmental stage and it is important that the sane sentiments are encouraged at My Fun Childhood Bilingual Childcare Services. I usually ask the parents to initiate the potty training process at home with the child so the child will understand that it is a continuation of what they have been introduced by the parents first. During this time the children learn about the idea of potty, the importance of consistency and how to potty safely. Working with parents to continue to allow the experience to be relaxing and patient. As well as routine driven and most importantly rewarding, proves for a successful outcome.

Preschoolers, ages two through four Are mindfully observed to strengthen their stronger suits in resulting in encouraged desired to progress in all entry level educational curricular. Learning colors, tracing, alphabets. letter sounds, name identification and letter replacement; shapes, numbers, math, reading from two to four letter words , arts, and history, all while understanding the importance of emotional balance. Desire to independently learn and participate is rewarded weekly during engaging in meetings on upcoming events, and developmental touch- base with inspirational certificates award; such as "Student of The Week, Student of The Month, Home work of The Week", Most Improved, and Kindness." After Schoolers Practice independently understanding their assignments saw and vocalizing this to daycare provider, teacher and staff. We mindfully observe their comprehension levels and guide them through completing their homework alone. For many, independent completion is a simple task, because of their prior experience of being a preschooler at our daycare.

Health Nutritional Menu A Healthy nutrition is necessary during a child's development. It provides a balance growth with organic choices. "Sauté veggies or fresh fruits are tasty and welcoming to all children. Providing various supplement for calcium and other important nutritions other the whole milk other selections of milk also provided. My Fun Childhood Bilingual Childcare encourage children to have a fun and a healthy eating palate. Relaxing Yoga for Toddler The Preschooler generation including Toddlers have developed an increase dependence on various kind of electronics devices. While the learning of technology development is crucial, a health balance for evolving a young mind is encouraged. Yoga helps children to channel their energy in positive ways and desires a sense of weakness within themselves. We teach a very fun, relaxing and entry level yoga for toddlers to help children build flexibility and strength. This aids in better coordination, body balance, and awareness to self and their growing minds. Tis social skills also increase better listening and confidence.